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*S. L. BROOM1, R. MESTAYER2, E. STULLER3, D. COOK4, J. CARSON2, K. SIMONE2, P. NORRIS2, P. HOTARD2 1Dept Psychol, William Carey Univ., Hattiesburg, MS; 2Springfield Wellness Center, Springfield, LA; 3 Stullerresettings, LLC; 4 ABAM.SoberMD,LLC

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American Academy of Biomolecular Medicine Launches With International Training in Intravenous NAD+ Therapy

“Administering NAD+ therapy is more complicated than many physicians understand at first,” states Dr. Mestayer, III. “These protocols are designed to create consistency and set the patient up for success during treatment. Veering away from basics, such as combining NAD+ with other compounds, or using a product of inferior quality, can result in less than optimal outcomes and experiences for the patient.”

NAD Research, Inc. Announces New Educational Division, the American Academy of Biomolecular Medicine (AABM)

Dr. Richard Mestayer, III, medical director for NAD Research, Inc., will conduct the rigorous two-day clinical training in intravenous NAD+ administration at Springfield Wellness Center, in Springfield, Louisiana. Dr. Mestayer is considered the leading authority in the United States on intravenous NAD infusions. With his partner, Paula Norris Mestayer, he developed the BR+/NAD treatment protocols used by physicians to treat addiction detox, depression, anxiety, and other conditions over the last two decades. Physicians from all over the world have traveled to learn his protocols and benefit from his 20 years of experience with the treatment.

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We understand the national crisis surrounding drug and alcohol addiction, and it is our mission is to provide published data that reflects how powerful IV NAD therapy can be towards helping individuals recover more effectively. Publishing more peer reviewed data on drug and alcohol detoxification with IV NAD will give us more of a scientific ground to stand on before we launch a clinical opioid detoxification study.

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