Learn from the industry leaders on how to safely and effectively administer NAD intravenous for addiction recovery, anti-aging, neurodegeneration, cognitive performance and cardiovascular health.

What You Will Learn

IV NAD Protocol

Each IV NAD infusion must be tailored for each patient depending on his or her condition and health status. Understand the conditions that would qualify someone for the treatment, and feel confident in prescribing the most appropriate NAD IV protocol.

Clinical and Didactic Training

Take a hands-on approach to IV NAD training by shadowing the international leading expert in IV NAD, and have the freedom to learn remotely on the didactic material through our online portal.

DNA Repair and Epigenetics

NAD activates several enzymes, including sirtuins and PARPs, that help maintain the integrity of DNA through repairing the strands and modulating gene expression by histone modification.

IV NAD Side Effects and Benefits

NAD is a coenzyme that facilitates over 100 reactions in the body, thus the benefits from NAD may vary from condition to condition. Improve your patient care with understanding how to identify the positive and negative side effects from IV NAD.

Case Study Review

Throughout the IV NAD training program, you will review clinical case studies for several types of conditions, including neurodegeneration and detoxification of chemical dependencies.

How to increase NAD?

There are several ways to increase NAD levels through supplementation, intravenous administration, and through other lifestyle factors. Understand how lifestyle choices, caloric intake, and inflammation all tax the body’s natural NAD levels.

Application Process and Requirements

All student applicants must submit an online application that includes their basic information, along with submission of  CV/resume and a video conference interview. Please allow 15 to 30 days for the application process to be completed.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact tara.smith@aabmm.org

IV NAD Training Application

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